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This game is on hold for a bit due to major reconstruction. We would appreciate if you could download and play the game then rate it and let us know what we could do better.


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The Arcade (DEMO) V.1.3.3.zip 216 MB

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I loved it, i just got confused at the supermarket level when you have to make the pie. I love the style and the idea is really cool as well

Thank you.


This is great! I had a lot of fun playing this and nearly s**t my pants the first time I saw the ghost. I got stuck in the supermarket though, I found all the parts but how do I actually make the pie?  :)


Oh yeah, the store is going through some major redesigning, the pie is on the other side, inside of one of the isles, for some reason I decided to put the pie in a different place (I’ll make sure to fix that)

All the comments below have been read and the problems have been fixed.

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I love the concept of the game but here are a technical few things to just fix and it will be perfect:

1. Reduce the raycasting distance - make it shorter, I can open doors from huge distances

2. Make simple checkpoints, I die and I start all over again.

3. The 3D text on the walls is clipping trough the solid objects, its easily fixable, you can use this shader: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=3DText

Great potential, like it!


Thank you for the review! I appreciate it so much! I’ll make sure to get right on those things.


Most welcome, good luck with it.

when you esc to the main page the point doesnt go away and you cant click, also it'd be better if there was a checkpoint after every game you finish

Already on it, thanks for the review :)

the new updates are awesome and terrifying as well keep up the good work

Thank you so much!