Any ideas?

Whatever the first comment on this post says, we will add to the next update. We’ve done this before with the last update, which brought the Jason mask haning on the wall in the bedroom. Make sure to say something simplistic and relative to the concept of the game, because we will add it.

Thank you for the support thus far, and have a great day!

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i think the papers with the story don’t really work in this game. It's better if we don't know anything about the character we are playing as. The papers could stay, but maybe you could put text on it that only refers to robots or possibly hidden messages that let us know more about them. However, these could not be complete, but ones that no one knows what the truth is, and theories could be written about them. You should think of something like in fnaf. What do you think about it?


You make a very good point, and you’re right, I should probably make the lore a bit less sudden, and explain the reason for the robots being there. The lore will stay, but the text itself will be much more relative towards the game itself. I’m planning on connecting all of my games into one in the future, so certain references are necessary. Thank you for the input! :D

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How about a Junji Ito painting or picture? I think he has made a lot of stuff that fits the atmosphere of this game.


Sounds good! :)