Trumpets has been released!

“Trumpets” is a sound-based horror experience inspired by the unsettling natural sky phenomenon.

“Strange sounds are being heard all around the world… many areas have been effected by these u̷̗͌ṉ̶͒n̴̬̎à̵̢t̶̬̋ǔ̴͓r̷̈͜ā̴̞ḽ̶̅ events. People report hearing s̵̙͘o̵͉͒u̴̡͐n̵̟͑d̸̦̊s̶͉͗ of trumpets emanating from the sky. Though specialists have created many theories to why this goes on, the majority of this aspect r̸͈͋e̶̗͒m̸̞̂a̴̦̋i̵̜̾ń̷͓s a complete mystery.”

Created using Unity

A lot of time and effort went into this project, so please give it a try. If you enjoyed it, let us know why in the comments! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, make sure to send us an email! Thank you all for playing “Trumpets!”

A horror g̸̥̐a̷̼͋m̵͙̔e̴̘͠ from TBit Coding

By Ben M Ward


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Instagram: @tbitcoding

Twitter: @bit_coding


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Aug 27, 2021

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