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Follow the sounds...

Based on the unsettling natural sky phenomenon.

"Strange sounds are being heard all around the world; many areas have been affected by these u̷̗͌ṉ̶͒n̴̬̎à̵̢t̶̬̋ǔ̴͓r̷̈͜ā̴̞ḽ̶̅ events. People report hearing s̵̙͘o̵͉͒u̴̡͐n̵̟͑d̸̦̊s̶͉͗ of trumpets emanating from the sky. Though specialists have created many theories as to why this goes on, the majority of this aspect r̸͈͋e̶̗͒m̸̞̂a̴̦̋i̵̜̾ń̷͓s a complete mystery."

There are now two secret endings, one with two ways to access it, the other made for a specific YouTuber, whose name we need not share.

The game is now updated to v1.0, info on the update is posted on a Devlog.

Make sure to read warnings under "Info" on the Main Menu


Pause MenuESC

T̴̗́h̸̢͝i̷͕͛s̵̖̓ project took a large amount of time and effort so we hope you enjoy! If you do, it'd be great if you could support us by subscribing to our YouTube(s), following our Instagram, and even donating! All donators (with given permission) will be mentioned on our website once it is up and ready!

Created using Unity and C#

A horror g̸̥̐a̷̼͋m̵͙̔e̴̘͠  from TBit Coding

By Ben M Ward

Email: teenbitcoding@gmail.com

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUH5s8dz_MzjYZDdXfOwGBg

Instagram: @tbitcoding https://www.instagram.com/tbitcoding/

Twitter: @bit_coding https://twitter.com/bit_coding

Discord: https://discord.gg/UczNf9qtsf

The support we've received from all our games  i̴̝̾s̸͍̆  phenomenal! Thank you all so much for giving it a chance! We're not f̸̙́a̴̢̓k̸͇̍ĕ̶̮ing when we state that this was a really cool experience!

Subscribe to the creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuBoeeFRibpAsKoCSdZv9fg

YouTuber Spotlight (This selection was completely randomized):








Once again, thank you all so much!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorTBit Coding
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, scary, secrets, Short, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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Trumpets Demo v1.0.zip 215 MB

Development log


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Really good use of music to scare the shite out of me, well done 👍


Thanks for sharing your game, it was a lot of fun to play and spooky.  I just posted my LP of this game to my YouTube channel, feel free to stop by any time, we'd love to see you there.



excellent game thank you loved it :):):):):):):)


Spooky game!


I had played the demo for this awhile back and I absolutely love this updated version! I hope y'all continue doing more with this game. I'll be following for more updates! Check out my gameplay of it and subscribe if you enjoy it! 

Mathew Played your game at 30:37, it's one of the only times i've seen him actually scared lmao, nice job :)


Olá, venho através desse texto dizer que simplesmente amei demais esse jogo, fiz uma gameplay e tomei alguns sustos que me deixou bem satisfeito. FIca aqui minha recomendação, não só pra assistir essa gameplay, como também pra jogar e sentir essa experiencia incrivel que é desse jogo. Sucesso a todos que fizeram também gameplays, Tamo juntos.


Do not close the speaker while playing this game!


OH this game gave shivers and screams which would scare Satan, amazing love it!!


the updated demo is soo awesome... finally figured it out!

(1 edit) (+1)

Ooooh you got me again with this new update! Good job! I can't wait to see more and play the full game! 


Nice game full jumpscares


Took me a while to figure out how to solve cassette head guy, maybe that's just me but a little hint would've been nice. Other than that, neat game!



Fantastic video!!


That's really cool and nice game :D . And the update to V1.0 added very interesting things such a monsters (i will not spoiler) and full story. The only problem I have with this games is too dark level... I would love to see an some bright mode... But it's still nice horror :)


Of course, thank you for the feedback :)


Secret Ending Achieved.


Once again we return to the world of Trumpets, and version 1.0 brought huge changes. Finally, we see a better development both in technical aspects and in scares. Congratulations on your work and keep it up!

Thanks for playing again, and even making 2 videos! You’re content is great! :)


Really liked all the additions you made to it. I can't wait to see what you add next. Great game. Keep it up! 

Thank you a ton!


returned and not going to lie it was why better then last time, make more bro cant wait to see what you can do

Congratulations! You are the first to find the secret ending (with video evidence of course). Thank you so much for playing (again)!

Sweet! yeah no problem, the game has a good start, if you watch the end I did a review and I think you may like it, thanks for hitting me up


What's new in this game? The last time I played this, it scared me to death

The game is great and cool!

The specifics of the update are listed in one of the recent devlogs. Thank you for playing!


The update is quite nice! Definite improvements. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the finished product ends up taking us!


Thank for trying out the update! Great video! :D


I Love It The Update Was Awesome Keep It Up...

Thank you so much for playing (again)! Awesome video! :)

Thank you so much

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I loved this game, can't wait for the full release! Made a video on it that just came out today. You had some pretty good jump scares in there XD

Thanks a ton! Great vid :)


this game is dope as hell i love everything about it i cant wait to see what this group does if you want to see my full playthrough/review here it is 

if you checked it out i appreciate you and i hope you have a good day regardless

Awesome video, thank you for playing!


ohh yah this game is cool... creeped me out tbh

Thank you :D


I shouldve put the mouse settings up a bit, The game was good gave me the creeps. Ill def play the full game when it gets released. First jumpscare was unexpected and kinda funny 
I did a walkthrough starts at the beginning 

Thank you, great video!


I really enjoyed playing this game! Very strange but the jumpscares got me goo! Watch me play it on my channel for my reactions and full opinion :) 

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing! :D


Very good demo, I find it first very scary with very dark surroundings even though with flashlight. A lot of jumpscares too with the floating masks and crews.


Thank you!



( JK love ya )

Thank you for playing! :)

You're welcome, keep making the best games!


This is an incredible game with such amazing potential. I found this randomly here one day and I instantly was hooked on what this had to offer. Hands down one of the better indie games I've played this year. Incredible work, I can't wait to see what you guys do with this game!

Thank you man, this video was definitely one of our favorites! Congrats on getting YT spotlight! (Under this page’s description)


I really enjoyed the game. So simple, yet it was intriguing enough to keep me playing and wanting to see what's new with the update(s).

Thank you a ton! We just released a very large update yesterday with two secret endings if you’re interested! :)

hell yea! I'll download it soon!


At this point I'm convinced. there will just forever be something about your game's simplistic-ish style that will easily get to me. How the use of Ambience and environment really heighten the effects of a not so intimidating scare. I'm once again very impressed! 


We really appreciate this! Thank you! :D

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Really amazing game! The jumpscares got my heart racing. And they were scarier than usual horror games cause they have at least an eerie music playing along with the game unlike this one, which was complete silence with occasional noises

Waiting to so what y'all come up with next!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks a ton! We really appreciate this comment! :)


i didnt expect this much greatness tbh...really good vibes and scares

Thanks, great video! :D


They're so cute but also scary...

I Jumped twice

Good to know my friend >:)


Great concept! Nice jumpscares! Highly recommend!3rd game

Thank you so much!


Muito interessante. Os jumpscares me assustaram mais pelo som extremamente alto do que pelo susto em si, mas no geral, uma boa experiência. Com certeza jogaria um 'full game' dele

¡Gracias por jugar!


Great Game! the jumpscares made me jump like no other game before. Thanks for making it :)


Of course! Thank you for playing! :)


Hi there, I love the concept, I think those super spacey, desolate environments are great for atmosphere and your gameplay idea is neat, so hopefully you’re working on a more narrative concept of this game because I want to know more. Personally, I could have absolutely lived without the (visual) jumpscares (and I go on a few rants throughout the lets play regarding those) because they disrupt the tension with some goofy spoops. I think the game without them would be a lot more uncanny, especially if the audio jumpscares stayed in, but that’s just my two cents. 


We’ll consider making two versions: one with jumpscares, and one without, because quite a few people really like them, and of course quite a few don’t, so in the end it’s hard to decide. Thank you so much for the awesome feedback, thank you for playing!

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