Regarding next update (PLEASE READ!)

The current release of Trumpets (Trumpets DEMO v0.9) has many problems, but that’s okay, because we are making a list of all the many things that need to be fixed. This version of the game was a test (to see what people thought of the concept, gameplay, and of course jumpscares, etc.). The next update will be quite a bit more serious, as it actually dives into the mystery, lore, and horror of the sky phenomenon. There is also going to an extremely secret ending and 2 ways to access it. Not to mention there are currently hidden files within v0.9.

We realize and accept that many people were not fond of this release, and we hope we can please you with this next one!

Please consider that this project is solely for the purpose of improving our skills and was made only for your enjoyment. If there is something you disliked, don’t be afraid to tell us, but please do not leave a 1-star review with no explanation as to why. And especially don’t be afraid to leave a good review if you enjoyed!

The next update will have less random/cheap/overly loud jumpscares and will focus more on the gameplay, story, and environmental horror. We put the jumpscares in v0.9 to test placing, sound, reactions, impressions, etc. The game will even include more actual trumpet sounds, as that is the main theme presented. The ending will be extended with gameplay, and will no longer end in a cheap jumpscare like the first release did.

If you are planning on only playing this once, we would recommend you wait till the next update.

Remember that this post is regarding the future, and may not be complete till near the end of September, as we are going to be spending more time trying to make something scary and enjoyable. Not to mention all members of TBit are currently in high-school and participate in other clubs/activities.

Thank you to all those who have been understanding and have given constructive criticism to help with the outcome of the game! We really appreciate all the downloads so far, and we hope you all have a wonderful day, whether or not you liked this project! :)

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Currently playing and I'm stuck. Trying to figure out how to not get the "error" by the first floater. LOL

You can shift to sprint which will let you escape fast enough if you begin running away right as you see it. I may make it easier if enough people have this problem…

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I tried that, not able to escape...yet, I will try again. :) I think a part is the mouse sensitivity, is not low enough. For me anyway. I made it as low as possible but when I'm scared I spaz and the mouse goes all over and It moves so fast that I miss where I want to go.


I’ll have to lengthen the chase time then, I don’t want anyone to be unable to progress :)

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Aww That is awesome, but let me try again. Unless it's something you feel strongly about. I will probably be able to get it together. It will just take me longer than everyone else. ;) Ok well it's official, I can't get passed it. I just am not able to move fast enough. I have tried 5x so far. I'm sooo sad. I have been looking forward to your update. I'm gonna go cry now. LOL


I’m sorry to hear that. If I get another report on this problem I will definitely release an easier version. You can still access the secret ending without getting past that part! :)

(It’s still nearly impossible to find though. A friend of mine will hopefully release a tutorial soon)