Trumpets Demo v1.0 is officially released!

The long-awaited official demo for “Trumpets” is here! This update took a large amount of time and effort to create, and all the support we’ve received from our last release is very much appreciated! Almost every aspect of the game has been improved in some way, so even if you’ve played v0.95, it’d be worth it to play v1.0.

Update 1.0 features:


  2. Better lighting

  3. Majorly improved sound design

  4. Fixed grammatical errors

  5. Extended ending

  6. More focus on the theme

  7. New ending credits

  8. New characters

  9. More focus on story

  10. A secret ending that has two ways to access it, because it is nearly impossible to find

  11. An ending made for a specific YouTuber

  12. Ĕ̶̟x̷͖̍ṱ̶̉é̵̺ȑ̵̦m̶̻͛ï̶̫n̸͂ͅa̵̚͜t̵̞́ỉ̵͈ŏ̶̼n̶̟͝ ̵͖͋ ö̶̫́f̵͚̑ ̵̩͝ ṷ̴͊n̷̮̎w̶̙̌ȧ̷̫n̵͚͊ṭ̷̊e̴͙͑ḏ̸̊ ̸̮͘ f̸͖̓i̷͇͛l̸̬͆e̷̮͝s̶̠͆

Thank you all for the countless videos, streams, playthroughs, and suggestions made! This really means a lot to every member of Tbit! :)


Trumpets Demo 215 MB
Oct 18, 2021

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