Update Demo 1.0 coming soon!

This devlog contains images that may be minor spoilers for Trumpets Demo 1.0

It’s been a very long wait (especially for releasing a demo), but we’re pleased to announce that development is going well, and will hopefully remain somewhat stable. Our goals for Demo 1.0 include:

  1. Less reliant on jump scares

  2. More related to the theme of the “Trumpet” phenomenon

  3. Better lighting

  4. Majorly improved sound design

  5. Deeper storyline/lore

  6. More gameplay - extended ending

  7. 1 extremely secret ending and 2 ways to access it

  8. More appreciation to all our many supporters!

Thank you all so much for helping this game reach 2nd on Itch.io Horror for about a week! It has been a great experience to watch so many let’s-plays of the game, and to get all the advice and constructive criticism from everyone! :D

The next update of Trumpets will not disappoint ;) (No promises)

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Sweet! Can't wait. And honestly I don't mind the jump scares, as long as the volume isn't obnoxious.